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In any case, you say, “As you and I originate from distinctive political Views…”. In fact, I initially arrived from the still left-wing/liberal/Democratic perspective likewise, so we very likely do “come from” equivalent perspectives; I simply just have traveled additional in the future and have had Possibly extra eye=opening epiphanies about the elemental erroneousness of up to date leftist assumed and behavior. I am able to only hope that my web site has nudged you a little in that way.

Here is the just one case in point I could come across of what seems to be an real danger towards Obama which went uninvestigatd by the Secret Service and disregarded via the media. The picture are available on Flickr and was taken at a “tea get together” protest in Tucson on July four. The protester was exhibiting solidarity with the Iranian democracy protesters who ended up At the moment carrying signs Having said that “Death into the Dictator,” referring to Ahmadinejad.

In many of the yrs of Hearing conservatives complain about the liberal media, I have not considered mainstream media as liberal.

oh make sure you…get off that dead horse by now. I come across Many of these amusing as hell…some dumb.. some place on. Im additional concerned bout the GOP goons exhibiting up armed at townmeetings than some Silly signage.

This has effectively was a recreation of Rely the Bodies, in which whoever killed or arrested fewer folks wins. Kinda defeats The purpose in the essay.

Nicely, not surprisingly, it is possible see this here to see exactly the same ideological bias in precise assassinations And the way they’re dealt with by leftoid dominated groups like academia or perhaps the media.

You attract a defective relationship listed here, each evidently generally and certainly in terms of what I say — “I'm about to destroy the president!” is often a immediate, inarguable threat.

You may have proof of ONE arrest of the anti-Obama protester. ONE will not go to my site be the same as “just about every doable danger.”

Ayla you may have noticed a “sense of humor” in Liberals treament of Bush, I for 1 didn't. How could you say that just after checking out Zombies photographs? Sure a few of the material is mocking and sarcastic but The very fact continues to be HE WAS OUR PRESIDENT! The media and The brand new remaining is screaming about Obama getting dealt with with a few of the uglyness that was once offered to Bush.

I really like how the dude in the 1st photo has no qualms about creating “Destroy Bush” on visit his indication, but may be very thorough to not use the File-phrase. You can find youngsters at these protests In spite of everything.

zombie would make a fascinating transfer from the piece by attempting to claim that there are additional arrests produced by The trick Service Due to media awareness.

rape awareness strategies drew attention to the trouble so as to help resolve it. The answer turned out to generally be noticeable: It’s not that the quantity of precise rapes went up — it’s that the quantity of rapes which obtained described

I uncover it intriguing that you just confer with Nelson Mandela like a communist thug. This really is news to me. Would you intellect elaborating on this?

One other side of the coin is: Threats by protesters from Bush which were investigated by the Secret Services. As with the opposite type of counter-examples, there seem to have been very only a few (if any) samples of this, nevertheless the closest a single I could discover is offered below:

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